January 27, 2015

The Mother Who Never Cried

Aling Minda is a widow. She has a daughter, Carla, who means the world to her. She did not remarry and focused all her time and energy on raising Carla by herself. All she ever wanted was for Carla to grow up the fine woman she dreamed her daughter to be. She fed her, clothed her, sent her to school, wrapped her in love and affection only a  mother could give.
At first, it seems like all her efforts paid off because Carla grew up to be a smart, kind and fine lady. However, when Carla got a little older, she started to talk back to her mother. She started to complain about their way of life. She started to blame her mother for being what she is. She started to detest her mother's presence. She started to see every wrong thing her mother did.
Aling Minda knew how her daughter feels about her. She didn't know what had gone wrong or what she did wrong because she knew she did all she could to make everything right for her daughter. Where Aling Minda grew up, there was an old belief that every drop of tear your mother shed because of you will get back at you a thousand fold. She knew it. She believed it and she didn't want it to happen to Carla.
So, every time Carla talks back at her or disobeys her or snaps at her, she would go to her room and slit her leg with a blade. Then she would cry so hard focusing on the pain in her leg and completely forget about Carla and how she behaved. When she felt better, she wound tend to her wound and face her daughter again as if nothing had happened. Carla didn't have any idea or she didn't care how much she was hurting her mother.
Despite Carla's malevolence, Aling Minda never gave up. Though she knew how Carla felt about her, she never stop correcting her daughter's mistakes and instilling the principles she wanted Carla to grow up with.  After several years, Carla finished her education and found a stable job. She grew up a very fine and respectable woman, smart and strong. She held a position of leadership given only to a few. Aling Minda would look at her daughter and thanked the heavens for such a wonderful daughter.
Then one day, Aling Minda had a stroke. Carla rushed her to the hospital. After a few hours, Aling Minda was declared out of danger and was taken to a private room. When the mother and daughter were left alone, Carla asked Aling Minda about the numerous scars found in both her left and right legs. Carla couldn't remember her mother getting involved in any accident that might result in those scars.
But Aling Minda didn't want her daughter to feel guilty over things that are now in the past, so she invented a story on how she got her scars. After several more years, Aling Minda passed away. Carla buried Aling Minda knowing her mother loved her but she would never knew just how much.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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