January 1, 2015

The Good Sam

This is a re-post. It originally appeared on another blog on June 05, 2011. It is re-posted for sentimental reasons.
The Garcias* are among the well-to-do families in our town. They are quiet people, very polite and helpful to anyone.  Others, however, found them intimidating so stayed away from them. I, being an impressionable young girl at the time, kept my distance as well.
After a few years, I got a chance to meet and was actually befriended by one of the Garcias. He was a good looking young man with high level of intelligence, multiple talents and genuine kindness.  He was 9 years my senior. I easily learned why other people find them intimidating, they are simply 'too good to be true' but in his case, he was good and he was true.
More years passed and I heard that my friend was blessed with a beautiful life abroad with his wife, also a former acquaintance of mine. I also heard that he was sharing his blessings to other people in that he was recruiting skilled workers from our place to work abroad. Batches by batches of our childhood friends and colleagues soon worked and eventually migrated. With my friend's help, these people were able to go free of expenses. This good deed went on for years.
Until some members of the community questioned the truthfulness of his intentions. They circulated some news that he was asking for a substantial amount of money in exchange of his help and that's how he get to live a comfortable life. The doubt was sowed in the heart of the people, and my friend's reputation, was tarnished.
On 2009, I went home to the province and asked around. I learned that the recruitment of skilled workers was under a new management. Whoever applies undergoes the usual screening procedure and has to pay processing and placement fee, a really staggering amount.
I still get in touch with him through Facebook. Looking at his photos, I know he feels happy about what he was able to do, and though it was short-lived, I know it gave him pleasure knowing he made a difference in other people's lives..
 *not real name

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