January 1, 2015

The Embarrassed Friend

A friend has been staying with us for a month now. He's applying for a job abroad and while waiting, he decided to look for anything to do here. He scanned his cellphone and found the number of an old friend. He sent her a text message and excitedly told her that he was actually here in the city. After a very short while, his friend replied. As expected, she was happy to hear from him. My friend looked animated. I could see how excited he was to be to hear from a familiar person here in an unfamiliar face.
Then, I noticed that his expression turned grim. I asked him what's wrong and he said his friend stopped texting him back. I said maybe she ran out of load. He bought it. After a few more minutes, his message alert went off. It was his friend, only, it wasn't her because the message went: 'This is her husband. Who are you?' My friend was stunned. This couldn't be. He knew his friend's husband, in fact, he was a distant relative. Then, he suddenly recalled a gossip he recently heard from their place, that her friend got a new husband. So, this is the new husband.
He asked me what to say without putting her friend in jeopardy. I said tell him your name. As we expected, the husband said they didn't know of him. I told my friend to apologize for disturbing them and let it go. So, he did...

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