January 13, 2015

Small World

Leth* was a naughty girl. She was basically sweet, friendly, smart actually, but, yes.. naughty. Maybe she didn’t mean it but she played around other people’s feelings. I knew that she didn’t have any intention of doing that, but for some reasons, she always ended up hurting other people.
When we went to college, she left behind a lovesick boyfriend, Rudy. Actually.. Rudy was, I don’t know. All I knew was that she didn’t like him that much and she just accepted him because he was NICE, yes, that’s the word, nice.
Okay, so, we went to college and she met someone. He wasn’t as naive and endearing as Rudy but just as nice. That word again, nice. It was clear that she was flirting with the new guy, Joey, though I believed also that she didn’t like him much. Just the same, when Joey asked him if she had a boyfriend, she said ‘no’.
Well, we became friends with Joey, both of us, though it was obvious that he was smitten with Leth. I guess he really really liked her because he said he would visit us in the province on Christmas vacation. He said he has a relative in our town. Oh, well, inventing relatives, for me, wasn’t good, no good at all.
On Christmas vacation, we went home and Leth was reunited with Rudy. She seemed genuinely pleased to see him, but, I still had my doubts. After all, she denied his existence, right? Several days passed and the vacation was nearly over. One day, someone came to visit. Actually, there were two of them. Can you guess who?
Yes, it was Joey. With him was Rudy who was his cousin. Well, it was true that he has a relative in our town after all.. :D
*not real name

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