January 16, 2015

Not My Type of Love Affair

I met Rick* through his classmate who is a close friend of mine. If there is one guy I would call handsome (not simply good looking but handsome) well, that would be Rick.
I noticed, however, that Rick is one of those handsome guys who capitalize on looks and not on skills and much less on brains. My observation was confirmed when I learned that Rick was not among the students who graduated last March. Though my conclusion that he failed a subject was wrong, the reason for his exclusion from the graduating class was equally.. disappointing.
Obviously lazy, Rick nearly failed a subject during his second year. Fortunately, his professor, who was rumored to be gay helped him out. It was said that that was the beginning of their affair. According to their friends, it was the professor who was doing all of Rick’s homework and projects. In that regard, it seems like Rick was taking full advantage of the affair. However, it was also rumored that the professor was being possessive of Rick that he was not even allowed to go out with lady friends, only with guys.
Then last March, when Rick’s friends were about to graduate, the gay professor gave Rick a grade of INCOMPLETE disqualifying him from being a candidate for graduation, When I asked why would the professor do that, my friend answered that he probably did not want to let Rick go yet. Maybe this semester or the next, or the next after that, or when Rick learn to study harder and pass the subject on his own. We never know.. :)
*not real name

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