January 7, 2015


After 15 years of marriage, Marla* started to feel that her husband was cheating on her. She tried to ignore her suspicions but when Jay* became more and more inconsistent and less and less attentive, Marla confronted her husband.
Naturally, Jay denied everything and told Marla how unreasonable she was. Moreover, he dared his wife to prove her suspicions by catching him on the act, something, I believe, would kill the hypertensive Marla. Years passed and things got from worse to worst. Marla started to hear something from the neighbors like seeing her husband with another woman. Marla suffered in silence, until Jay brought the woman to their house on Marla’s birthday.
She talked with Jay and asked for space. She took the kids to her parents where Jay could visit them anytime. She, somehow, felt disappointed when Jay didn’t even try to hold them back. Even from a distance Marla heard about Jay’s infidelity, still, Marla’s husband refused to admit anything.
When Marla couldn’t take it anymore, she talked with Jay and broke up with him. Again, she was disappointed when Jay almost welcomed her decision. He didn’t even appear hurt or affected. After a few months, Marla talked with Jay and told him she’s unhappy with the break-up. Jay just sneered and blamed her for what happened.

*not real name

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