January 6, 2015

Lines of Wisdom

Carol is a vain girl. She is proud of her beauty. She spends a lot of time looking at herself in the mirror to admire her pretty face and curvaceous body. She spends money on beauty products to maintain her smooth soft flawless skin. She eats fruits and vegetables, drinks a lot of water and gets enough sleep. She is such a picture of perfection.
She knows she got her beauty from her parents. Her mother is a beautiful woman with serene expression while her father is a gorgeous man with a smart head and a strong heart. Carol loves her parents. She is happy being an only child because she gets all of her parents’ attention even though she’s a fully grown woman. For Carol, life is perfect, and she doesn’t know any other life.
Then one day, she noticed something different about her father. She looked at him and knew there was something, not wrong, but entirely different. She asked her mother about it but her mother seemed not to notice anything. Carol started to observe her father more closely. Then, she realized what was different. Her father has lines on his face. Carol didn’t know when those lines appeared. She only knew that they weren’t there before.
She asked her mother about them but her mother simply laughs. She said those are normal. Those are signs of wisdom. She said that when a person gets older, he gets wiser and the wisdom he gained through the years are etched on his face.
Carol frowned. She doesn’t want those lines on her face. She’d rather be stupid.
But after several months, her father had an accident and went into a coma. Carol and her mother had to work together to save their business, not only for themselves but also for their employees. Carol started to wake up early and sleep late at night to learn how the business operates. She learned to argue with suppliers and to convince clients. She learned to listen to employees, to empathize and to offer solutions to their problems. She learned to weigh advantages and disadvantages.
Even when her father had woken up from the coma, Carol took charge of the company while her mother focused on her father’s full recovery. It was a different life than the one she used to know, but it was life and not just hers but her family’s as well and the people whose livelihoods depend on them.
One night as Carol was about to go to bed, she looked at the mirror and saw lines on her face.  She’s always hated those lines. But she remembered what her mother said about them. They were signs of wisdom and wisdom doesn’t come easily.
Carol knew everybody could see those lines. But she didn’t want to hide them under make-up. She didn’t mind them showing because she knew they are lines of wisdom and she earned every single one of them.
(Original story by the blog author, any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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