January 30, 2015

Friendship for a House

Edgar is a hard worker. He works day and night. His parents had been poor and they lived in a very small house. When Edgar got old, he promised to build a house of his own. So, he worked. He accepted any job that pays. He was determined to save money for his house. One day, one of his co-workers, Ador, invited him to have fun after work. Edgar politely refused. He didn’t want to spend his money. It was meant for his house.
Years passed by but Edgar’s money was still not enough to build the house that he wanted. He was beginning to lose hope that his dream would come true. He was getting old and weak. If he doesn’t build his house soon while he still can, then he never would and his dream would never come true.
One day, Edgar had a minor accident. He slipped and fell on the floor. Ador, the one who invited him after work several years ago, helped him up. He led Edgar to a chair and handed him a towel covered ice cube for his bump. Edgar thanked him. Ador smiled and said..
You’ve been working so hard ever since you came here. It seems like you don’t have time for anything else, least of all.. fun”
I have to save money so I could build a house.” said Edgar.
Ador looked at him and asked..
What kind of house do you have in mind?”
Something big with rooms and a loft, in case of flood. I want a sturdy house. One that will last long..”
Well, tell me about it over a bottle of beer..”
Edgar was about to refuse when Ador cut him out..
Do you want to build your house or not?”
Edgar simply nodded..
Well then, come on and let’s talk about it…”
Ador took him in a simple diner outside the factory. There he saw most of his co-workers who were either eating, drinking or simply talking with each other. They greeted Ador and nodded at Edgar who nodded back.
Ador ordered two bottles of beer, one for Edgar and another one for himself. Then, he called their co-workers and told them Edgar had to build a house and that he needed their help. Edgar started to say that he didn’t need anything but Ador silenced him and continued with what he was saying. In the end, he asked if there was any one who is willing to help Edgar and everybody said ‘I do.’
That weekend, Edgar started to build the house of his dream. With him were hi co-workers who helped out in anyway they can. Every weekend, any one who is available came and spend a few hours to help Edgar. At the end of each working day, they would share a few bottles of beer, talk and sing.
After a few months, Edgar’s house was nearly finished. It was as big as he dreamed it to be and he was sure it was as sturdy as he wished. After all, it was he and his friends who built it.
Now Edgar has not only a house, but also a group of friends who are willing to help..
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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