January 23, 2015

Friends for Convenience

By the end of summer, I received a very unexpected call. In my surprise, I grabbed my phone and asked the caller if he really was the name appearing on the screen. Even after he identified himself, I still couldn’t believe I was talking to him.
I learned eventually that he had a problem and he was asking me if I know of someone who could help him. I mentioned a number of people who I thought might do so and even provided him with cellphone numbers. Probably in really deep trouble, he forgot to ask me how I was. Funny, because I was dying to know how he had been.
I met this person more than 20 years ago and we had been friends since. Even after we graduated from college, we still got in touch with each other going out once in a while. He promised he would give me a ride in his very first car, he would take me places I’ve wanted to go, and so on. He was just starting his business at the time.
Then, he was given breaks after breaks. He had been so busy he probably forgot about me. A few years passed and I learned from someone else that he was making it big time. Guess he was making it real big he couldn’t spare a thought for an old buddy. But surprisingly, I didn’t feel bad about being ignored, I was just happy that he got what he’d always dreamed of, that makes one of us, right?
Then, after almost a decade, I received that call. So, he got my new number after all. I changed numbers 5 years ago and he was among those I informed, good thing I took the chance to let him know.
He asked if I know a lawyer. I got so worried I forgot to ask why he needed one. I just gave him the name and number of my lawyer-friend. It was a brief call but a welcome one for me. Afraid I might interfere with whatever problem he had that time, I waited for him to call again.
He did.  This time, the call was more cheerful. He said I was the first person that came into his mind because he knew he could always count on me and I would help him without asking any questions. Yes, I AM that. But for some reasons hearing him said it reminded me of the word convenient and it didn’t make me feel good. Then, he told me about himself and what had happened to him for the past 10 years.
I was glad and I told him so. But what really made me happy was his getting in touch in me. He asked me if we could go out just like old times and I said that would be very nice. That was several months ago. He’s been setting a schedule since then but he kept on cancelling it.
Well, I guess he’s just REALLY busy, huh?
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