January 11, 2015

Facebook vs Truth

I’m not an active Facebook subscriber. As a matter of fact I only put up an account because it is the easiest and most convenient way to keep in touch with my husband who has been working abroad for several years now. But since I have to check my account on a daily basis for my husband’s message, I can see other people’s posts especially those of my close friends’.
So, I was quite surprised when one of my long time friends came home from abroad and told me she was getting a divorce.
I had to ask why because based on Facebook it seems like she and her husband are very much in love. As a matter of fact, she just posted some pictures of the entire family on weekend getaways and beach extravaganzas, the whole shebang. So, she told me that the pictures are old and that her marriage has been on the rocks even longer than she wanted to accept. So, why post the pictures? Because she wanted to fool other people into believing that she is happy.
So, it’s more like fooling herself, I guess..
Then just last week I saw a post from a mother on how much she loves her children and that they mean everything to her, when I am perfectly aware that her two older daughters are living with other people because she never took care of them, letting them go hungry and dirty when all the while she plays cards and it was suspected that she uses drugs even with the kids around.
At this point in time, I don’t know what to believe anymore. It seems to me that most people’s posts on Facebook are not true but what they want to be true.
Well, I don’t know..

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