January 22, 2015

Against the Odds

Nick* and Flor* were just out of high school when they eloped and for that, they lost the support of their families and they received numerous thumbs downs from the elders.
Without money of their own and with their families against them, they only had brains and determination between the two of them. Aware that Flor was smarter than he was, Nick worked for both of them, as a messenger, as a waiter and even as a janitor. He sent Flor to college and after four years, Flor had become a teacher.
With her good credentials, Flor was accepted to teach in high school then she sent Nick to college. It took longer for Nick to finish his course because he was working and studying at the same time. Then, Flor had their first baby and they had to take turns babysitting.
After six years in college, Nick finally finished his course and became a teacher like his wife. They had two more children. Now, in their late fifties, they are among the finest and most respectable couple in our town.
Cheers to you, Sir and Ma’am!
 *not real name

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