December 9, 2014

Women and Twin Outfits

I guess one of the things that could greatly piss a girl off is wearing the same outfit as another girl. No matter how gorgeous a dress is, no matter how perfect the fit, no matter how much the cost, all the excitement of wearing it fades out when it looks exactly the same as another girl’s.
What’s with the ‘twin outfits’? It’s just a piece of clothing. Why can it ruin a very special occasion? Why can it shatter good mood? Simply put.. why don’t girls want to be seen wearing something similar to what another girl is wearing?  Honestly, I have an idea. It might or might not be true, it’s just something that I’ve observed.
Girls are special creatures. As such, they want to feel special. And how can they be special if they look just like another girl in the party? Well, since I’m not your typical girl, that’s just my theory, I wouldn’t know for sure if that’s the real reason. But I guess I’m close enough.. :D

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