December 15, 2014

Women and Ex

Really, what’s with women and ex? Or is it only with women? Are men the same about ex?
Why are most women bothered with the ex-girlfriend? It seems like there is always something wrong with the ex. Here is a list of things that I find unnatural about women in relation with ex’s.
  • Some women WANT to meet the ex so much
  • Some women NEVER want to lay her eyes on the ex at all.
  • Some women feel uncomfortable when they are in the same room with the ex.
  • Some women feel they have to be prettier, sexier and smarter than the ex.
  • Some women feel they need to accomplish more than the ex did.
  • Some women feel the need to find out MORE about the ex than they already do.
  • Some women hate the ex even before they meet her.
  • Some women even hate the friends of the ex.
I am an ex, too. Needless to say, I tend to watch my back when I get near the present girlfriend/lover of my ex-boyfriend. Do I feel the way I describe above about ex’s? Well.. Not much. I don’t mind meeting the ex, but I don’t mind not meeting her either. If we’re given the chance to be friends, which I actually had, then I’d take that chance. I only hate the ex if she did things that really really hurt my guy. But I do believe that I have no right to hate anyone, ex’s friends or not, or the ex herself, without any justifiable reason.
Ex is the past girlfriend which means the relationship didn’t work out. Whatever the reason was, I think it was between your boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend and chances are, it has nothing to do with you. :D

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