December 23, 2014

When You Don't Follow Your Heart

I met James* in college. He was a nice and charming guy whom everybody likes. He fell in love with Mia* an equally charming and amiable girl. They were one of the sweetest couples I saw in college. Their love was so evident in every smile, in every squeeze of the hand, every exchanged look between them that  I felt hurt when they broke up.
Mia seemed to get over the break up easier and faster than James did. After a few weeks, she was back to her old effervescent self while James kept his distance from us for almost a year. But just when I thought Mia was tougher, I found out she was in the verge of self-destruction, but with the help of us, friend, she got over it. She eventually admitted that she took the break up really hard.
After several years, I learned that they were back together, not as sweethearts.. but as kissing friends or probably more than that. They looked so good together it was sad to see them holding back. James told me he still loves Mia but he couldn’t bear to be rejected the second time. Mia, on the other hand, also still loves James but wasn’t sure if he loves her still, because if he did, he would have asked her hand in marriage already.
Nine years after they broke up, Mia married someone else. James felt so bad over losing Mia the second time, but it probably served him right for not following his heart. He married a girl exactly opposite to Mia. The last time I saw him, he was as handsome as he used to be but apparently unhappy.
He accepted my friend request in FB but eventually unfriended me and blocked Mia altogether. Some of our friends said it must be his wife’s doing, but for Mia and me, it doesn’t matter anymore..
*not real name

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  1. Aaaa... it's a compassion love story. I remembered my first love :(