December 6, 2014

Women and the Ladies' Room

One of the greatest mysteries of womanhood is the length of stay in the LADIES’ ROOM. What really takes women such a ridiculously long time in the rest room?
If you're asking me where I get the temerity to talk like this, well, it's because unlike most women, I don't take too long in the rest room. If I went there to pee, then pee I would. After relieving my bladder, I would walk away without even glancing at the mirror to check my hair or make-up. Now, if I intend to do something else, like floss my teeth or fix my hair and  make-up, I would do it as fast as I could to make way for others who have more urgent needs. But if I need to change clothes, I would just take them off and put on the fresh ones and get out of the cubicle for someone else to use. I will just do the finishing touches outside.
So, what, again, takes women long inside the ladies room? Ah, yes, to pee, to floss, to  retouch, to change and in rare cases to poop.. They don't sound too mysterious after all.. :D

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