December 28, 2014

The Survivor

Rico woke up in an unfamiliar hut. He had a throbbing headache and he couldn’t remember how he got there, where he came from, or even who he really was.  All he knew was that he was being kept and taken care of by a nice family, father, mother and little Annie. When he tried to ask him about his whereabouts, they didn’t know anything either. They just call him Rico after their baby boy who died. They just knew that father found him by the shore after a terrible storm.
When Rico was strong enough, he started to go about and help with the chores. He enjoyed helping out. And with his smooth palm and soft skin, he knew he wasn’t used to them. He must be someone used to being indoors. Every morning he chops firewood and fetches water from the well. Every night, he walks by the shore hoping to find some clues of his identity.
After a few weeks, Rico felt very frustrated. He was in a sour mood he snapped at little Annie. Father told Annie to go to mother and talked with Rico.
I understand how you feel. I know how difficult it is not knowing who you are. If you have a family of your own who loves you and waits for your return, or if you are someone whom everybody hates and wishes dead.” said father.
What do you think I should do?” asked Rico.
Just wait. Don’t force yourself to remember anything. Your memories may come back in time, or they may not. Either way, there is nothing for you to do but live and be grateful that you are alive. There must be a reason why you didn’t drown in the storm..”
Rico thanked father.He apologized to Annie and did what father said. He waited. But the memories he was waiting for didn’t come until he finally accepted the possibility that he would never know his past anymore. After all, he was happy with the family he lives with. He is in fine health, he eats well, he sleeps well and he likes his neighbors.  He was contented.
Then one day, father brought home a newspaper with Rico’s face in front. Rico read the story and found out that he actually was a businessman who was set out to buy a property. According to the news, his yacht was hit by a storm and all the passengers drowned.
With shaking hands, Rico held the newspaper tight. His memories flooded his mind. Despite the warning of a storm, he set out to buy an island so he could turn in into a resort. He was supposed to talk with the inhabitants of the island and give them a small amount of money for their land. He wanted them out of the island in a few months. If talking won’t work, then forcing might.
Rico, then, remembered how he and his armed bodyguards were thrown overboard. How he managed to hold on to a piece of furniture and how the wave took him ashore. Finally, Rico knew who he was.He wasn’t Rico, he was Daniel, a successful businessman. He has money but had no family and no friend. He cared for no one and no one cared for him.
Rico felt sad. Now that he knew who he was, he wasn’t happy about it. But then he remembered what father told him, there must be a reason why he survived.
Daniel left, but only to put his business back in order. He came back to the island to buy his own property. He decided to live in the island and to help the islanders.
 (Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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