December 19, 2014

The Sunset

Fred and Bert were friends. But contrary to Fred who always keeps himself busy, Bert is a nature lover who always finds pleasure in watching the nature at its simplest and purest.
Every day, Fred comes home tired from working the whole time. After dinner, he would watch the news on television and  surf the internet before he goes to bed. On his day off on Sundays, Fred watches movies the entire day or surfs the internet in between. Sometimes, Bert would invite him to go fishing at the nearby lake, but Fred was always busy.
Then Fred had a mild stroke. Though it wasn’t a bad one, he still needed to rest and stay at home. So, he watched more movies and surfed the internet even more. One day, Bert came over to Fred’s house and invited him to go fishing and watch the sun set on weekend. Fred thought for a moment and said that it was probably a good idea.
Bert was happy and said..
You won’t regret it. The lake has the most beautiful view of the sunset.. “
When weekend came, however, Fred’s car broke down and he had to fix it. So, he told Bert to go ahead and that he would just follow him at the lake. Knowing how stubborn his friend could be, Bert went ahead. Fred spent the entire time fixing the car. It was after lunch time when he finished. Then, he remembered to check his email. He found some unread messages in his inbox, so, he took time to read and answer them. He was about to leave the house to follow Bert at the lake when Bert met him at the gate. He had with him a big fish and a bigger smile on his face. Bert said..
"Too bad you didn’t make it. I got myself a nice fish here and I saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.”
Regretfully, Fred promised to go with Bert next weekend. Unfortunately, it rained the next weekend, and the next, and the next after that. On the fourth weekend, Fred had another stroke. This time it was so bad that it left Fred paralyzed.
From then on, Fred had to stay in his room the whole time. He finally realized that he had the time to watch the sunset. So, one afternoon he had his window opened only to find out that the setting sun was blocked by a building across his house. When Bert came to visit one time, Fred mentioned about the blocked sunset and Bert answered..
That’s why I had to go to the lake when I want to see the sunset. You see, when you want to see or experience something nice and beautiful, you have to take some time and find some ways. Just like the sunset, there are things that can only be seen and experienced by those who are willing to make little sacrifices for such a priceless sight..”
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental).

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