December 31, 2014

The Lucky One

Phillip has always been lucky. He’s never been late for work. Never been scolded by the boss. Never been turned down by a client. He has a beautiful and loving wife, three smart and wonderful children, a house in a nice subdivision and a trained dog.
He’s always get the best in life.
Then, when the company offered an early retirement package, Phillip availed of it. After several years, he has a thriving business. Only one of his three children is still in college while the other two already have jobs of their own and Phillip is still as strong as a bull with several more years to enjoy his life. He is simply so lucky.
One day, his friend and former co-worker Andres paid Phillip a visit. After a few bottles of beer, Andres asked Phillip about his secret. What made him so lucky.
Phillip laughed and looked at his friend..
What luck are you talking about?”
Your success. Surely, there’s a reason why you’re successful. You always have been lucky. You always do the right thing, you always say the right words, you always talk to the right people, you always make the right choices, you even married the perfect girl..”
Well, I don’t know if I really am lucky. But my secret is discipline, hard work and faith in God…”
Oh, now, you’re telling me I have to pray a little bit louder, aren’t you? Because believe me, I pray. Every night. But maybe not as loud as you do, because look at me, bald, a few pounds overweight and still doing the work I hate..”
Phillip looked at Andres seriously then asked him..
What do you pray about?”
I pray for the things I want to happen to my life.  I ask the Lord for health and prosperity. I ask the Lord for guidance, to tell me what to do so  I could have the life that I want, a good family and a high position in the company..”
Okay, let me share to you my ‘secrets’. I stay healthy because I don’t have any vices and I get enough sleep. My wife is very kind because I treat her kindly. I never come to work late because I leave the house early. I was never scolded by the boss because I did my job well. I was never turned down by a client because I always do what’s best for them and they know that. Finally, I did what I wanted in my life. I left my job and put up my own.
I didn’t know if it was the right time or the right thing at the time, I just knew that it was what I wanted. But the Lord made it right for me. You see, sometimes we’re scared to do something thinking that it might not be the right thing to do and we’ll end up regretting our decision. So, we normally go on with the life we know even if we’re unhappy about it and we believe that’s what the Lord wants us to do, otherwise he’ll change it or it won’t happen at all. But I have so much faith in the Lord and in his love for me. I know he wants me to be happy. So, I do what makes me happy and let the Lord take care of me..”
The following week, Andres came back to Phillip’s house to tell him he applied to be manager of another department and was accepted.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities to other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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