December 7, 2014

The Dike Builder

Cardo had always been ambitious. He wanted to go to college and be an engineer but his parents were very poor he barely made it to high school. His father was a construction worker and his mother was a housekeeper. His father's salary was enough only for food. Cardo was the oldest among five children and sometimes he had to give up some of his food so his siblings could eat well.
When Cardo graduated from high school his parents admitted to him sadly that they could not send him to college. Not only that, he had to find work to help feed the family. Cardo knew he had no choice. Much as he wanted to earn so he could save for his education, he did not want his siblings to starve.
Fortunately, his father was able to find a job for Cardo. Cardo was accepted to work on the mega dike. The mega dike was to be built around the province to protect it from flood during the storm season.
Every day, Cardo labored. At first he was hopeful that his work in the dike was only temporary, that he could study someday and be the engineer that he always dreamed to be. But years passed and Cardo got old. He was beginning to loathe his work.
Then the work on the dike was stopped, it seems like there was not enough budget. Cardo panicked when he woke up with no food to eat. He prayed hard for the work to resume. Luck seemed to smile on Cardo, the work on the dike resumed and he was one of the few to be called back in. He was so thankful he forgot how he hated his work.
Since then, Cardo thanked the Lord every day for his work on the dike. Years turned into a decade and Cardo got old. The dike was nearly finished and he was getting worried. He worked for a few more years until the mega dike was finally done. Cardo felt sad, he realized how much he depended on the dike to help his family. Now that the construction was over, he did not know what to do.
The following day, one of Cardo's co-workers came to ask him if he wanted to work for the dike in the nearby province. It seemed like their supervisor was pleased with his work and recommended him. Cardo happily accepted. As long as there was dike to build, there would be food for his family and there was hope that he could save for his college education.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise are purely incidental.)

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