December 4, 2014

The Deserving Applicant

A company posted an ad for a vacancy for a position of great importance. The ad specified that the applicant must be 'hardworking, patient and with an eye for details, attractive compensation package awaits the lucky applicant'.
Applicants swarmed in but after the initial and second interviews, they came down into three: a fashionable lady, a bespectacled man and an expressionless young woman. The applicants were left in the lobby of the office building and were instructed to wait for the president who would decide which of them would get the job.
Minutes dragged into hours and after a whole day of waiting, the applicants were finally called one by one. The president asked the same question for everyone: what he or she has done while he or she was kept waiting.
The fashionable lady answered that she kept herself fresh and presentable for the interview. The bespectacled man said he brought a book with him and read the entire time. Last but not the least, the expressionless young woman thought for a while and enumerated everything she saw in the lobby while she was waiting; a new computer printer was delivered, two collectors left the office, electric bill, telephone bill and magazine subscriptions were received at the front desk, the receptionist went to the rest room three times, the janitor mopped the floor once early in the morning and second when the delivery boy left shoe prints, and, oh.. there was a minor car accident outside which though involved only dents and scraped paints, caused an annoying and unnecessary traffic jam.
The young expressionless lady was hired.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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