December 22, 2014

The Builder

Tom and Andy had been good friends since they were young. They went to the public elementary schools together and to the only high school in town together. While Tom was smart but a little lazy, Andy was of average intelligence but diligent. When high school graduation came, Tom sadly told Andy that he was not going to college. They just could not afford it.
Andy left his friend behind to go to college and take up Civil Engineering. Tom helped his father and worked in the construction. With his natural wit and penchant for building things, Tom became the youngest but best Master Carpenter in town in a few years time.
When Andy became a licensed Civil Engineer, he worked with big engineering firms in the city to learn everything he needed to know about building. His patience and diligence paid off. He became a brilliant and respected engineer.
Twenty years after their high school graduation, Tom and Andy were called upon by the town’s mayor. They had to work together to put build the new municipal hall in town. Though this wasn’t the biggest and most important project Andy had undertaken, this was surely the closest to his heart. For Tom, however, this wasn’t just a project, it was a legacy. But it proved to be the most difficult project both of them had done.
Because the hardest part was for them to work together. It took a significant amount of respect, consideration and tact to accept and reject a friend’s recommendation to come up with the best plan  So, the friends worked together. They discussed, they argued, they fought, they made-up. They did everything they could to make a masterpiece they both could be proud of for years to come.
After a couple of years, the municipal hall was finally done. Its inauguration was the biggest event the town had ever seen. Though the builders were there to witness the momentous occasion, the proudest of all was the mayor who accepted the congratulations for such a fine hall.
After fifty years, the municipal hall still stands. When asked who built it, some people would say it was Tom while some would say it was Andy. But outside the town, the hall was known to be built by the mayor whose term was during the time the building was built.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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