December 30, 2014

Sick at Heart

This is a RE-POST from my old blog and originally appeared on July 06, 2013. This is re-posted to save the article for sentimental reasons.
Sometimes, we just have to accept the truth that we’re hurting..
To be told you’re not good in what you do is painful. To be told that you’re not good in what you love to do is even more so.
How would you feel if you’re told that you suck in the very thing that you’ve always thought defines you? It feels like everything you know about yourself is one big lie. You will begin to question your skills, your talents and your knowledge that you’ve accumulated though the years. You will start to question whether it is wise to go on or just leave the trail and do something else. And you will feel a heaviness in your heart that makes everything look dark and difficult.
I feel so sick in my heart.
Life, though, will go on regardless of what you feel. The pain may or may not pass sooner than you’d like it to be, so the most matured thing to do is to live with it, live through it or simply.. live.
Crying may not fix anything, but shedding some tears would lessen the heaviness in the chest.

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