December 8, 2014

Looks Can Be...

In my first year in college, I met Donna*, another freshman. Though we were of different courses, we automatically hit it off maybe because we were among the youngest in our group of friends. Unlike me, however, Donna was a bit childish and boy-crazy. She thought she was madly in love with Arnel*.
Arnel was the painfully good looking, extremely smart and reasonably popular president of one of the organizations in our school. I understood of course why Donna was crazy about him. But if all of us were smitten with Arnel, there was one guy who stayed away from him as much as he could. I learned later that he was Arnel’s former best friend.
At the end of the school year, we had an outing at the beach. It was one enjoyable outing except that I kept on worrying about Donna because she was throwing herself at Arnel. It’s not that I didn’t trust Arnel, it was Donna I didn’t trust. She may do something stupid (?).
At the campfire, I couldn’t take my eyes off Donna who kept on putting her arms around Arnel. So, I was surprised to find myself seated beside Bong, Arnel’s former best friend. He said I should keep my friend away from Arnel because Arnel was not as good as we thought he was.
I went home in the province for the summer vacation. The next school year, Arnel was no longer around. I learned later that he was accused of embezzling the funds of the organization. He was also wanted for impregnating one of the young girls in our group. Luckily it wasn’t Donna. But every time I mentioned Arnel’s name, she would shut me out. Well, whatever she wished….
*not real names

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