December 14, 2014

Faith in Marriage, Faith in Love

Reena* has been my friend since high school. She is the epitome of a proper girl. Unlike some of us who party around, fool around and flirt around, Reena was beautiful, smart but meek creature who didn’t swear nor say something, anything, bad about anybody.
We haven’t seen each other for more than ten years. When we met again, I was glad to learn that she already had a family just like I do. I noticed, however, that she wasn’t as glad as I was about the fact. After a few minutes of asking about each other, I heard the story.
She married her long-time boyfriend whom she had a long distance relationship with. They had two beautiful kids. Shortly after their wedding, Reena realized how jealous and insecure her husband was. He got jealous about anyone, their neighbor, Reena’s former friends, her co-workers, and even Reena’s boss.
Reena tried to understand how her husband felt, so she tried to do everything she could not to provoke his jealousy. But one day, her husband came to her workplace and made a scene. He accused Reena’s boss of having an affair with his wife.
As if that wasn’t enough, her husband went to Reena’s hometown and told her parents about her infidelity. The accusation was painful, but what was more painful for Reena was when her parents believed her husband. How could they believe that the good and proper daughter that they, themselves, raised would manage to do such a thing?
Fortunately, Reena’s boss didn’t mind (much) what her husband did. After warning her about her husband’s misbehavior, he acted as if nothing happened. Reena’s parents were another matter. It took her two years before she could finally bear to see them.. :(
*not real name

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