December 12, 2014

Down with the Battle Gear

As a mother I’ve always been overprotective. That’s one of the reasons why I prefer not to have several kids. Though being overprotective is understandable, it might bring more harm than good to your child. Trying to help your kid out of a mess might affect the development of his or her self esteem. So, instead of making your kid, you are breaking him.
After the successful arthroscopic surgery done on my daughter’s knee on September 2012, she was able to see the entire first semester through. Then the second semester has begun, the problem she was facing was her fourth and last Physical Education subject. Though the university Orthopedic surgeon issued a medical certificate indicating that she was not yet ready for rough physical activities, it was up to my daughter to convince her PE instructor to give her one more month to complete her therapy before she can participate in class, which happens to be volleyball.
I wish I could help her out on this, but I think it would not do her good. It is something she has to do by herself. I think it’s time she fight her own battle and win it on her own.

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