December 29, 2014

Difficult to Please

Jun* married Liza* after a few years of being sweethearts. They seemed to be all right at first. Jun is a good provider. He is a regular employee and has a stable job. Liza, on the other hand, seems like a fine wife. She is a compulsive housekeeper who keeps the house clean, as in.. really clean.
When their first child was born, their problems arose. The baby was always sick and constantly stayed in the hospital. Jun’s salary became inadequate for their needs. The problems piled on top of the other every time another baby was born. Luckily, Jun’s sister, Alice, was kind enough to help them every time they need anything.
Despite Jun’s efforts, Liza still feels he is not trying hard enough to make their lives better. She nagged Jun every chance she gets. One day, Jun, anxious to flee from her nagging wife, went to a friend’s house to drink. This angered Liza even more and gave Jun silent treatment. Jun was provoked and started to thrash things about. It was an unpleasant night for everyone including Alice who stays with them and who pays most of the bill.
The following day, Alice talked with Liza and tried to reason with her. Alice explained how things will probably get better if Liza and Jun will talk things over and settle whatever problem they had that time. Unexpectedly, Liza snapped at Alice and talked back in a vehement manner, telling her to mind her own business followed by a litany of bitter accusations. Alice was shocked. She didn’t know that her sister-in-law was nursing such grudges. She waited a few days and tried to talk with Liza again, but the latter ignored her.
Alice, believing that she did her part already kept both her silence and distance. Three weeks ago, the day before Jun’s birthday, Liza walked out. She took the, now three, kids and left Jun.
Last week, I asked Alice about Liza and the kids and she said she had no idea.
 *not real name

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