December 25, 2014

Christmas and a Mother's Gift

Gina is a regular employee. And just like other regular employees, she is deep in debt , so she has to work harder to pay her bills and send her children to school. Even with both he and her husband working, the bills are just so many they could not afford to take a break from work.
Gina’s mother, a woman of more than 80 years, has been wanting to see her daughter and grandchildren for a long time now. For three Christmases, Aling Linda has been calling Gina and asking her to come over but Gina simply couldn’t spare some time. It was such a great inconvenience to her to go home in the province for Christmas only to come back to the city the next day so she could go to work.
This Christmas, Aling Linda is again inviting Gina and her family to come and join her for the holidays. Gina was about to say no but there was something in her mother’s voice that made her say yes. Though Gina believed she would regret her decision, she also knew she owes it to her mother for all the other invitations she declined.
So, Gina and her family spent Christmas with her mother. The old woman was overwhelmed with joy she broke in tears when she saw her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. She served them plenty of food, lavished them with gifts and made Christmas really really special. The children were so happy to be with their grandmother. Even Gina enjoyed herself. But it seems like all the excitement was too much for the old woman. Before Gina and her family was about to leave, Aling Linda was too tired to get up from her bed. So, she called for Gina from her bedroom.
When Gina went inside, she found her mother sitting on the bed. The old woman was holding a box in her lap. The  box looked big and heavy in her skinny arms. Gina sat down beside her mother. Aling Linda held her daughter’s hand and handed her the box and said..
I want you to have this. You need it more than I do..”
What is it?”
A gift. Use it wisely. It may be the last gift I could ever give you..”
Thank you, mother..” Gina kissed her mother and bid her farewell.
When they arrived in the city, Gina opened the box and was shocked to find a big amount of money. It was probably her mother’s lifetime savings. With all these money, she could pay her debt and even buy some things she has always wanted to buy for her family.
Gina felt so thankful she took out her cell phone and dialed her mother’s number. She was surprised though when her mother’s neighbor answered her call. I seems like her mother had just died a couple of hours ago. The neighbor explained that Aling Linda has been sick for years but didn’t want to tell Gina. It was very fortunate that Gina’s family had the chance to spend Aling Linda’s last Christmas with her.
Gina clutched the box in her heart and wept.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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