December 26, 2014

All He Ever Wanted

Dick* had been my brother’s friend and band mate for several years. He was a cute guy with charming smile. If I weren’t already married when I paid attention to him, maybe I could have gotten a crush on him just like the other girls.
Unlike the other girls, though, I knew Dick’s past. He was a product of a broken family. As the stories went, his mother left them when he was in grade school. Dick’s father, more handsome than Dick could ever be, did not take a new wife. He just stayed single and took care of Dick all by himself. I remember seeing him tagging along with the band when Dick was about nineteen years old.
All things considered, Dick only had one wish in his life, and that was to have a simple and happy family, something he didn’t have with his parents. And we sincerely wished him luck.
But his first girlfriend left him for a job overseas. His second girlfriend left him for another guy. He broke up with his third girlfriend because she was a drug user. Year after year, Dick has lived with and broke up with different girls, trying and hoping that he would find the one destined for him.
Now nearing 40, Dick lives with his current girlfriend. But unlike when we were younger, I could see how tired Dick’s eyes are. His smile is no longer as charming as it used to be. He may not want to admit it, but he’s already old, and the one and only wish he had in life is still a wish that might or might not come true..
 *not real name

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