December 3, 2014

A Mistake

As a teacher, I've always been lavished with praises, especially if they are well deserved. I always find a reason to say something nice to students as I believe that they learn faster if they are motivated. What I painfully realized one day was that praises don't always work the way they do to most students.
Bimbo was 14 when he was enrolled in our tutorial center. His mother simply told us that her son was bullied in his former school and had a nervous breakdown so, she decided to let him home-schooled instead.
Probably busy with something else, the mom enrolled him to us so we can help him with his lessons. Bimbo is actually smarter than other students his age. If there was something wrong with Bimbo aside from looking for his mother all the time, was that, he was lazy. He didn't want to solve, he didn't want to read.
So, we had to push him a little so he would work. Then, I made the grave mistake of telling him that he is good. And if only he would work harder, he wouldn't need a tutor.
Using what I said as an excuse, Bimbo didn't attend his classes anymore and didn't continue with the program. I just wish the mom didn't hate me much..

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