December 2, 2014

A Father's Love or Lack of It

We were in third year college when my friend Tony* impregnated his girlfriend, Sara*. Though I knew the girl was deeply in love with him I wasn’t surprised when she decided to keep the baby and went home to her family instead of live with him. Knowing Tony, I knew he felt somehow relieved. They didn’t see each other again after that.
After sixteen years, I saw Sara again. She was asking me about Tony but I, myself, didn’t know where he was. She asked for my help to find him. When I asked her why she wanted to find Tony after all these years, she said in case her daughter ask about her real father. I perfectly understood what Sara felt. She felt that, though the girl wasn’t asking yet about it, she owed the truth to her daughter.
By some luck, I successfully found Tony’s exact address and telephone number and wasn’t surprised to know that Sara had them already, after all, they were posted on the net. I wasn’t surprised either that she already called him. I learned that he was shocked when he learned it was she. He droned on about how bad and worthless a father he was and that the child didn’t deserve a father like him and that she was better off not knowing anything about him.
Sara wasn’t fooled of course. But she stayed calm and reasonable. She knew she shook Tony really hard. But as I’ve always known, whether Tony believed it or not, she didn’t want to cause him any harm. The important thing was she knew where Tony was in case her girl ask to get to know her father someday.
 *not real name

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