December 20, 2014

A Bad Taste of Love

Albert* has been my friend since we were eight years old. We became classmates in high school and I considered him to be one of my oldest friends of all time.
Nine years ago, I learned that he has been married for several years but recently got separated from his wife. I didn’t want to pry. I simply asked him why they got separated, a question that I guess was normal between close friends. He was kind of.. vague about it, so I just let it go. I noticed, though, that Albert didn’t want to talk about his wife at all. When asked how and where they met, he wouldn’t give us details. When asked what his wife do for a living, a teacher, a nurse, or a plain housewife, he would change the topic. I felt, then, that there was something Albert didn’t want to let us know, so, whatever he wished..
Later, I learned from another friend that Albert’s wife was a stripper. She was a dancer in a club that Albert used to frequent as a young man. When Albert got her pregnant, he married her, but the marriage turned sour and led to separation. I also learned that Albert has regretted having married a stripper with low moral values, with low academic achievements and unpleasant personality.
A few years back, Albert got his boss’s niece pregnant and they are now living together. But no matter how he tries to run away from his past life, it will always catch up to him. With two families to support, Albert has been working himself to death. Well, I guess that’s the least he could do about it..
 *not real name

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